Outreach Programming

The UCA Counseling Center staff welcomes the opportunity to provide presentations, workshops, and training to classes, residence halls, UCA student groups, UCA departments, and the community.  To request, and schedule, a program please contact Reesa Ramsahai (Outreach Coordinator) at Reesar@uca.edu or call the Counseling Center at 501-450-3138.  The following are examples of programs presented by Counseling Center staff:

Safe Zone Training                                                               Signs of Depression

Coping with Loss                                                                   Relationship Building/Healthy Relationship

Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship                            Stress Management

Test/Performance Anxiety                                                Sexual Assault Awareness

Eating Disorders /Body Image                                         Suicide Awareness

Personality Assessment and Interpretation               Procrastination

Time Management                                                                Overcoming Shyness

Mindfulness Practices                                                           Sexuality and Gender

Anxiety and Resilience                                                         Self Esteem Enhancement

Stopping Rape-What Men Can Do