Students of Concern

This Student of Concern Report is to give the UCA community the ability to report concerning, disruptive, alarming, or threatening behavior. Issues involving struggles with finances, mental health issues, food insecurity, wellness, or relationships can also be reported. The CARE Team will use the report to identify, assess, intervene, provide resources, and respond to the situation. If you have any problems and concerns with this form or you wish to make this report in person, please contact Kelly Owens, Dean of Students and CARE Team chair, by phone 501-852-0244 or via email at

In the event of an emergency that requires immediate intervention, call 9-1-1 or 501-450-3111.

CARE Team Fact Sheet

A student of concern is any student who displays behaviors that may interfere with their ability to be successful and /or function well in the living, learning or work environment. Some examples of concerns to report may include but are not limited to:

  • Poor academic performance, uncharacteristic lack of class participation and/or excessive absences
  • Significant illness, injury or hospitalization
  • Homesickness, loneliness, difficulty adjusting to university life
  • Disruptive behavior in the classroom
  • Observed self-injury such as extreme thinness, burns or cuts
  • Uncharacteristic or extreme aggression towards others
  • Substance abuse or being under the influence of illicit drugs
  • Major life events including loss of a relationship, change in financial status, and/or death of a loved one
  • Projects or papers that convey possible intentions to harm self or others
  • Suicidality, including threats, gestures, ideation and known attempts of suicide
  • Infatuation with fire, firearms, bombs ammunition or weaponry