The UCA Department of Chemistry plays a significant role in the preparation of students for success in medical school.

The Premedical Web Page provides a general overview of the premedical program at UCA.

Mike Martin is the Chairman of the Premedical Advisory Committee.

Tori Dunlap is the Chemistry Premedical Advisor

The Road to Medical School provides advice on the preparation required for medical school.

How to Apply provides a step-by-step guide to the medical school application process.

The UAMS Office of Admissions provides specific information regarding their program and their admission procedures.

Your application to medical school starts at AMCAS , which is the national medical applicaton clearing house.

All medical school applicants are required to take the MCAT exam.

The Program in Public Health is a valuable experience in the health care field.

MPH Online Degree Programs and Career Resources

Public Health Online: Pre-Professional Experience


UCA Premedical Recommendation Forms

1) Request for a recommendation in pdf format to print a hard copy

2) Request for a recommendation in DOC format that can be completed electronically and returned to premed committee electronically

3) Faculty Evaluation form in pdf format to print a hard copy

4) Faculty Evaluation Form in DOC format that can be sent to faculty electronically, completed electronically and returned to premed committee electronically.  Don’t forget to fill in the top part before sending it to a faculty member.