The UCA Department of Chemistry plays a significant role in the preparation of students for success in medical school.

  • General overview of UCA premedical program.
  • Faculty advisors (email links below)
    • Mike Martin (Dept. of Biology, Chair of Premed Advisory Committee).
      Email Dr. Martin above to request addition to the premed email list for up-to-date information.
    • Tori Dunlap (Dept. of Chemistry Premed Advisor)
  • Advice on successfully applying and being accepted to medical school
    • Health care professional experience is desirable
    • The MCAT exam is required of all medical school applicants.
      Skills earned in undergraduate courses are essential to doing well on this exam.
    • How to apply provides a step-by-step guide to the medical school application process.
    • Applications to medical school start at AMCAS (national medical application clearing house)
    • UAMS Office of Admissions provides specific information about their program and their admission procedures.