Tori Dunlap

Associate Professor

Manion Annex 128

(501) 450-5938

Dr. Dunlap graduated from UCA in 2007 and went on to receive her PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry from the University of Kentucky. Her research studies the changes in calcium concentrations can transmit messages within a cell. The protein calmodulin can translate these calcium messages. When calcium concentration increases, calmodulin binds to and changes the shape of other proteins. The change in shape of calmodulin’s target proteins changes their function, turning them on or off depending on the protein and cell type. Dr. Dunlap teaches the biochemistry courses and lab and CHEM 1402/2450 for health science and nursing majors. She is currently the pre-medical advisor for pre-medical students with a concentration in chemistry.



Syllabi for Courses Taught

Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry: Dunlap, CHEM 2450, Spring 2021

Biochemistry Laboratory: Dunlap, CHEM 4121, Fall 2018 (CRN 10628)

Dunlap, CHEM 4121, Fall 2018 (CRN 20254)

General Chemistry for Health Sciences: Dunlap, CHEM 1402, Fall 2014

Biochemistry I: Dunlap, CHEM 4320, Fall 2019