STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall

STEM@Arkansas attracts students with majors related to science, technology, engineering and mathemathics.  From physics to pre-med, students living in Arkansas Hall are launched into opportunities for undergraduate research and community service. STEM@Arkansas students wear their nerd badge with pride!

Community Highlights:

  • Develop early connections with the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics faculty.
  • Be the first to hear about research, internship and career opportunities.
  • Utilize the study rooms, or Nerd Nodes, located on each floor.
  • Participate in events like Science Wednesday and Super Science Saturday!
  • UCA Core Classes are taught in the STEM@Arkansas classroom.
  • Participate in undergraduate research.

Reasons to join STEM@Arkansas

  • Enroll in the same sections of classes as other STEM@Arkansas students.
  • Form study groups with other students in STEM@Arkansas
  • Participate in special-topics courses focused on current scientific and technical issues.
  • Attend informal seminars and workshops on many topics held in the Residential College.
  • participate in academic activities on campus and at other scientific facilities in the region.

STEM@Arkansas Classes:

*Click here for a more detailed class schedule.