STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall (STEM@Arkansas)

Theme for 2018-19: Communication + Connection: Becoming a Compassionate Scientist

Statistics show that Residential College Program students have a 12% higher retention rate and 10% greater graduation rate than students who do not join in a Residential College. The STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall provides a living/learning environment that fosters the academic success of students pursuing studies in science, technology, computer science, pre-engineering, and mathematics. Participants live together and learn together with other students who have similar interests.


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Students who live in STEM@Arkansas can:

• Take advantage of early opportunities for starting undergraduate research in Cellular or Molecular Biology, Organic Chemistry, Robotics, Differential Equations, Acoustics, Bio-Physics, Aquatic Ecology, Bioinformatics, to name just a few of our active research programs.

Battle of the Halls 2• Learn about classes, programs of study, internships, research and career opportunities.

• Enroll in the same sections of classes as other STEM@Arkansas students.

• Form study groups with other students in STEM@Arkansas.

• Participate in special-topics courses focused on current scientific and technical issues.

• Attend informal seminars and workshops on many topics held in the residential college.

• Participate in academic activities on campus and at other scientific facilities in the region.

STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall

STEM@Arkansas has a large atrium with multiple study zones, an integrated classroom and study rooms (Nerd Nodes) on each floor. Any student who has an interest in the sciences, technology, pre-engineering, or mathematics—or students of any major who simply enjoy a science-geek atmosphere—is encouraged to apply to live in STEM@Arkansas.  There are no additional fees for living in the STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall! Take a virtual tour at

We have

  • Classrooms with Wireless Internet Access and Smart Boards
  • Five Nerd Nodes (Study Rooms)
  • Peer Mentors
  • Resident Master (Live-in Faculty Member)
  • Cats!

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Bachelor of Science Degrees

  • Biology
  • Biochemistry
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics
  • Applied Mathematics
  • Mathematics Education (STEMTeach minor)
  • Physics
  • Science Education (Life/Physical/Earth & STEMTeach minor)
  • Environmental Science
  • Engineering (Engineering Physics & Computer Engineering)

 IMG_5372Pre-Professional Programs

  • Pre-Medical
  • Pre-Veterinarian
  • Pre-Dental
  • Pre-Pharmacy

Right: Dr. Donna Nelson, President of the American Chemical Society and Science Advisor for the hit series Breaking Bad (2014).