Mini Grant

Connect More Mini Grant

This form allows Residential College faculty associates to apply for funds to enhance curricular & co-curricular endeavors.
  • Guidelines

    Any faculty associate currently assigned to teach in a Residential College may apply for a mini-grant. Funds must be used for Residential College courses/labs only. Typical award is $100-$200, but proposals may request up to $500. Grants will fund materials for the classroom or activities outside the classroom that directly connect to your learning objectives. The students must be the primary beneficiaries; consequently, these funds cannot be used for faculty travel or conference fees. A brief self-evaluation post-completion will be required.
  • What course do you currently teach in a Residential College?
  • What do you want to do in (or with) your Residential College class (listed above) to enhance learning?
  • What are your learning outcomes?
  • What materials do you need? If specialized, please give a link for ordering.
  • What is the estimated costs of this project?