Minton Commuter College (MCC)

Designed to support students living off campus, MCC@OldMain gives every student a place to call home. Programming for MCC students revolves around the student’s identity as a commuter, and creates spaces and opportunities for our commuter students to feel just as plugged in on campus as their residential peers.

MCC@OldMain allows commuters to engage in the same vibrant living learning experiences from smaller class sizes to faculty and student mentors dedicated to your growth.


  • Computer and printing lab (Old Main 203)
  • Classroom (Old Main 204)
  • Comfortable lounge area (Old Main 205)
    • Endless and free coffee
    • Kitchen for storing and warming up meals
    • Free lockers
  • Community study room
  • Lactation suite (Old Main 206E)
  • Faculty office in the space for easy access (Old Main 206F)

Students of any major who are living off-campus can take part in MCC@Minton