Chemistry Programs

The Department of Chemistry offers a wide variety of undergraduate courses  to prepare students for careers in chemistry and to provide the chemical understanding required for a variety of other fields.  A two year schedule showing when specific classes will be offered is available.

Requirements for degree programs may be found in the UCA undergraduate bulletin .

Resources for advisors and students:

BS Degree in Chemistry: A  model plan of study and a checksheet are available for the BS degree in Chemistry which prepares students for a variety of careers that require an in-depth understanding of chemical principles.  Also available is a 3-year plan of study that includes summer school.

BS in Chemistry- ACS Certified : A model plan of study and Check sheet 2014 are also available for the ACS Certified BS in Chemistry which allows the graduate to be certified by the American Chemical Society. In addition to the requirements for the traditional BS in Chemistry, this program requires some additional advanced coursework and some additional experience in laboratory research.

BS in Environmental Science – Chemistry emphasis: A model plan of study and a checksheet are available for a degree in environmental science that emphasizes the study of chemical aspects of this field.

BS in Chemistry -ACS Certified Biochemistry Track: a model plan of study and a checksheet are available for the Biochemistry track which is ideal for students planning careers in the health sciences as well as those who wish to pursue careers in biochemistry and related areas.

Interested in being a chemistry teacher?  A four-year program with a major in chemistry and minor in STEMTeach allows you to graduate with a degree specifically designed to prepare high quality secondary school teachers.  Find out later that you don’t like teaching?  Then you have excellent preparation for a number of other types of jobs.

A departmental Honors Program is available in the Chemistry Department for junior or senior students with an overall GPA of 3.25 or better and a chemistry GPA of 3.40 or better, and the consent of the department chair.  To graduate with honors in chemistry, students will demonstrate research competency by engaging in not less than two semesters of research with a chemistry faculty mentor. Honors students will write a report of their research using proper grammar and style for the discipline. Each student will demonstrate proficiency in public speaking by making an oral presentation to the departmental honors committee, other chemistry faculty members, and students.

An overview of chemistry programs is provided by documents that track the courses of all three chemistry degree programs and analyze the sequencing of chemistry courses.

checksheet is also provided for the minor in chemistry.

The master class schedule form is useful in visualizing schedules and avoiding time conflicts.

Information and links related to the General Education program are available on the UCA gened page.  A link to the 1912  general education checklist is at the bottom of that page.  A check sheet for the new 2014 general education program is also available.

Chemistry courses offer a unique challenge for many students.  Here are some tips for succeeding in chemistry classes.