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Manion Award

The Jerry Manion Outstanding Student Award

2021 Recipient: Kathryn Walden

Kathryn is an intelligent, dedicated, and insightful student who has served our department for many years as an office worker. In this role, Kathryn was welcoming, knowledgeable, and professional in her administrative tasks. She especially enjoyed sharing chemistry jokes on the office letterboard. As a student, Kathryn was dedicated and insightful in her studies and actively sought connections among the concepts she was learning in different courses. She completed computational chemistry research with Dr. Makenzie Long in collaboration with Dr. Bill Taylor. Her work provided mechanistic insight into gas phase reactions of gold-bearing cations with methane and substituted methane analogs. These reactions have implications in the catalytic ability of gold cations in methane activation and alternative fuel sources. Simply put, her computational results explained why Dr. Taylor observed what he did in his experimental lab. Her dedication, accuracy, and efficiency as a research student were instrumental in successfully publishing this work in The Journal of Physical Chemistry A in 2021. Kathryn was awarded a Student Undergraduate Research Fellowship from the Arkansas Department of Higher Education to fund her research and her Honors College thesis was voted best department honors thesis. Kathryn has aspirations of joining the medical field, where her warmth, dedication, and intelligence will serve her well.  Kathryn is pictured here with her mentor, Dr. Makenzie Long.

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Dr. Manion enjoyed playing banjo and was in a group known as The Professors.  The other members of the group were Denver Prince (bass), Neal Buffaloe (fiddle), Faril Simpson (mandolin), and Ralva Bass (guitar).  For your listening pleasure, here are a few tracks from the UCA Dixieland Concert from September 26, 2012.

Dixieland Concert Track 1

Dixieland Concert Track 2

Dixieland Concert Track 3

 Dr. Jerry Manion

Dr. Manion

In loving memory of Dr. Jerald M. Manion our dear colleague, professor, and friend.
(UCA service 1965-2014). A memorial service was held July 24, 2014 at the Brewer-Hegeman Conference Center at UCA. The UCA Jazz Ensembles performed a tribute to Dr. Manion and featured the Dixieland Band on his birthday September 24, 2014.

This award was made possible by generous support from Dr. Slaton Fry (UCA graduate 1980).