Chemistry Links

Safety Information

The following web sites provide sources for Material Safety Data Sheets:


FisherScientific (Do a web site search for Material Safety Data Sheets)

SigmaAldrich (Do a web site search for Material Safety Data Sheets)


Career Information

Although often denied access to careers in science in the past, many women have overcome these sexual barriers and have made significant contributions to our current understanding of the world around us.

  ACS In Chemistry (student member magazine) offers a nice summary of the chemical industry landscape and the kinds of careers it offers.

University of Alabama Careers in Chemistry provides valuable information on what careers you can pursue with various chemistry degrees.  Go to ForStudents/Undergraduates Programs/Careers in Chemistry.

PhDs – Thinking of working toward a PhD.  Find out what it is all about.

ACS Careers – The American Chemical Society provides many resources for those investigating the possibility of a career in chemistry.


Other Organizations

First Year Chemistry Bridging Course – Provides help for students in beginning courses.

Khan Academy – Offers mini-lectures in a variety of areas including chemistry.

In Chemistry— ACS Student Member Magazine
This online publication discusses current topics in chemistry and offers career advice in new BS chemistry graduates

Not an Exact Science – Off-beat demos on a variety of science topics.

TedEd – A series of videos on a variety of science subjects.  This one explains why glass is transparent.

Chemistry behind cleaning – Explains an everyday application of chemistry in household chores.

Chemistry in Everyday Life – A website that explains a variety of applications of chemistry knowledge.

Green Cleaning – Explains the chemistry behind cleaning and how household cleaners work.

Units of Measurement – Every measurement unit you can think of and more.

Powers of 10 demonstration – Get a better feel regarding the size range of everything from the very largest to the very smallest.

Chemistry for Kids – Games, experiments, and information to introduce kids to chemistry.


Periodic Table Links

Periodic Table of Demonstrations – Very interesting and entertaining videos about nearly all of the elements on the periodic table from the University of Nottingham.

The coolest interactive periodic table around.

This interesting video displays the periodic table table.


Organic Chemistry links

The Michigan State University compilation of organic review questions.

Master Organic Chemistry has helpful information with many important topics in organic chemistry.

Organic Chemistry Portal has a wealth of information for serious organic chemists.

ChemSynthesis – This website contains substances with their synthesis references and physical properties such as melting point, boiling point and density.