Teaching Assistants (TA)

An undergraduate teaching assistant (TA) provides considerable assistance to the faculty teaching the labs by:

  • Assisting faculty members prepare for lab by setting up and obtaining lab supplies
  • Assisting students with the setup of equipment and answering questions regarding course or lab material
  • Helping faculty develop and enforce laboratory safety within the department
  • Assisting faculty with grading

Through this employment, students are able to review prior course materials in a laboratory setting, gain and hone essential laboratory skills, and receive safety training from our Chemical Hygiene Officer, all of which are skills and experience that can be included on any CV or resume.  To become a teaching assistant, you must become familiar with our department policies. Questions regarding the teaching assistant position can be directed to the Lab Coordinator, Jamie Freeman in Laney-Manion 303A.


Student Worker Hiring Packet 2019

Guide to Completing Student Worker Hiring Packet 2019



Safety Agreement for Teaching Assistants 

Employment Policy Agreement for Student Workers

Suggestions and Concerns Form for Teaching Assistants

Time Sheets:

Accessing Student Time Sheets – Manual (1)