UCA has a strong tradition of preparing students for pharmacy school. Each year a significant number of students admitted to pharmacy school have completed their pre-pharmacy studies at UCA.

  • Prepharm adviser: Patrick Desrochers (Academic Advising Center, Harrin Hall (501) 450-5149.
  • Current pharmacy information in the UCA undergraduate bulletin
  • Pharmacy is Right for Me online resource to evaluate career options with a degree in pharmacy
  • Arkansas has two pharmacy schools, with comparable but slightly different requirements.
  • Degree or no-degree heading to pharmacy school.
    Both approaches work.  Over the past 4 years, about 70% of admitted students have an earned 4-year degree; about 30% enter with only their pre-pharm prereqs completed.  Increasingly, pre-pharm requirements are less and less geared toward a 4-y degree.  It is always advisable to be working toward a 4-year, because life goals change as you progress to and through pharmacy.  We find it challenging for students who left UCA for pharmacy with no degree in hand to come back and finish given the demands of time and money.
    Students may earn a degree from UCA based on a combination of UCA credit and coursework from pharmacy school.  This is detailed in the UCA Board Policy No. 338 (Revised Dec 2012).
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