Mark Bland, Ph.D

Associate Professor & President, Arkansas Science Fair Association

LSC 176D

(501) 450-5967

Faculty Webpage


Ph.D., Biological Education, University of Northern Colorado, 2004.

Started at UCA in 2004

Courses Taught:

BIOL 1400 Exploring Concepts in Biology

BIOL 4415 Evolution

BIOL 4470 Biology of Seed Plants

BIOL 6102 Graduate Seminar

SCI 4315 Integrated Methods for Mathematics and Science

SCI 4410 Concepts of Science

STEM 3310 Research Methods


Research Interests:

I am studying the perceptions of students, teachers and the general public towards scientific topics that are regarded as controversial, such as evolution. I also am interested in visual learning and pattern recognition in humans and other species, and sexual selection in humans.

Selected Publications:

Bland, M. W., & Morrison, B. (2015). The Experimental Detection of an Emotional Response to the Idea of Evolution. The American Biology Teacher, 77(6), 16-23.
Bland, M. W., and Moore, R. (2011). McLean v. Arkansas (1982) and beyond: Implications for biology professors. Journal of College Science Teaching 40(5), 75- 84.
Bland, M. W., Saunders, G, & Kreps, J. (2007). In defense of the lecture. Journal of College Science Teaching 37(2), 10-13.