Student Advising

Academic advising is a priority in the Biology Department at UCA.  We have a dedicated, professional advisor for our undergraduate biology students who will help guide students in making appropriate curriculum decisions.  In addition, there are faculty advisors to consult for those having a pre-professional concentration.  While students have the responsibility of knowing and meeting the graduation requirements, all our faculty are a resource for students to help make the goal of graduation a reality.  The Biology Department tries to keep students aware of various opportunities that can positively impact their academic careers, such as research, internship, and scholarship opportunities.

We have three professional advisors that can assist with questions and offer assistance.  They are all available to help you, but the last names of the students they are responsible for are indicated below.

Emily Hall
Office: LSC 143
Phone: (501) 450-5971
Students: A through Q

Leila Dickinson
Office: Bernard Hall 104
Phone: (501) 450-5675
Students: R through V

Savannah Rutledge
Office: Bernard Hall 104
Phone: (501) 450-3205
Students: W through Z


Biology faculty are available to assist with Biology Career Pathway Advising.

Curriculum planning information can be found under the appropriate links under our Programs and Degrees tab.

For additional information about academic advising at UCA  please visit the Academic Advising web page.