Pre-Physician Assistant

Advisor: Dr. Brent Hill (Biology)
Office: Lewis Science Center 180
Phone: 450 – 5915

UCA’s Pre-PA program provides students with a Biology Degree that prepares them for acceptance into a large number of Physician Assistant programs.

The Pre-PA Learning Outcomes for UCA’s pre-PA curriculum will allow you to plan and understand the academic path needed to be a successful applicant to a Physician Assistant program.   In general, it answers the common student question of “WHY” these classes and experiences are needed.

The Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) is required of applicants for admission to most Physician Assistant programs. Admission to these programs largely depends on the score on this exam, student GPA, completion of pre-requisite courses, and clinical experience (direct patient care hours).

Information about the GRE can be found at the Peterson’s and the official GRE website.

Students are encouraged to carefully review the matriculation requirements of the Physician Assistant programs for which they plan to apply.  A complete list of PA programs in the U.S. can be found here.

Resources for the two Arkansas P.A. professional programs are below:

Career resources can be found at the American Association of Physician Assistants