Bachelor of Science in Biology

The largest major in the Department of Biology is the B.S. in Biology. This degree offers an emphasis in several areas of interest.

All Biology students are required to complete the following courses regardless of emphasis or concentration:


BIOL 1440 Biology I  **

BIOL 1441 Biology II **

BIOL 2490 Genetics  **

BIOL 3402 Cell Biology  **

BIOL 3403 General Ecology

CHEMISTRY (16 hrs)

CHEM 1450 College Chemistry I

CHEM 1451 College Chemistry II

CHEM 2401 Organic Chemistry I

CHEM 3411 Organic Chemistry II

PHYSICS (8 hrs)

PHYS 1410 College Physics I

PHYS 1420 College Physics II


MATH 1491 Calculus for the Life Sciences *  OR  MATH 1496 CALCULUS I*

MATH 2311 Statistical Methods I *

The BS in Biology can be completed with or without a minor.  The difference in these degree options rests on the number of Biology elective courses taken.  Please see the Undergraduate Bulletin, the Course Descriptions, the Biology Major Requirements, and the Biology Course Rotation for the latest information on completing these degree requirements.