Emeritus Faculty

The UCA Department of Biology thankfully acknowledges the many contributions and years of service offered by the following retired and emeritus faculty members:

Jerry Mimms, M.S. Ed.

Zaida Gomez-Kramer, D.A.

K.C. Larson, Ph.D.

John Choinski, Ph.D. (Distinguished Emeritus)

Barbara Clancy, Ph.D. (Distinguished Emeritus)

David Zehr, Ph.D.

William Moran, Ph.D.

Don Culwell, Ph.D. (Distinguished Emeritus)

Wilbur Owen, Ph.D.

Ken Freiley, Ph.D.

Paul Hamilton, Ph.D.

Fred Dalske, Ph.D.

Ed Griffin, Ph.D.

Neal Buffalo, Ph.D.

Jewel Moore, Ph.D.

Jimmy Throneberry, Ph.D.

Derald Smith, Ph.D.

Jack Mobley, M.D.