There is a growing need for students to understand and manipulate large data sets in various biological disciplines. We have created an advising track for those students interested in computational methods in the biological discipline. This is not a degree or concentration, but a list of recommended interdisciplinary courses students can take to prepare for a career or graduate degree that encompasses data science.


* recommended, all others are options depending on interest

Electives within the Biology Major
*BIOL 4445 Biometry (Pre-reqs. MATH 2311 or any introductory statistics course)
BIOL 4431 Experimental Molecular Biology

Management Information Systems
*MIS 3300 Introduction to Computer Architecture and Programming
*MIS 3335 Using Python in Data Analytics / Programming in Python I (Pre-req. MIS 3300)

*MATH 3311 Statistical Methods (Pre-reqs. MATH 1491 or 1496, and CSCI 1470 or MIS 3300 –see Math Dept Chair for approval)
MATH 4371 Introduction to Probability (Pre-reqs. MATH 1497)

Computer Science
CSCI 1470 Computer Science I