B.S. in Biology (PRE-DENTAL)



Adviser: Dr. Jeff PadbergCopy of internship dental 1

Email: jpadberg@uca.edu

Phone: 501-852-2342

UCA has a four -year predental curriculum that is designed to thoroughly prepare our students for the rigorous demands of dental school. Our students are very competitive when applying for dental program admissions – UCA graduates have been admitted to dental programs across the United States. While predental students can major in any field of study, we find that most of our successful applicants are Biology or Chemistry majors, have excelled in their coursework (GPA above 3.8), have gained extensive clinical experience with local dental professionals, and have performed well (20 or higher) on the Dental Admissions Test (DAT).



Predental students must possess a bachelors degree before they enter dental school (some have graduate degrees).  Plan to earn your bachelors degree before starting dental school.
The majority of Dental Schools require the following courses in addition to the standard general education requirements of a typical baccalaureate program:


Two semesters of English composition

ENGL 1301, 1302 or a combination of other writing courses

Two semesters each of general chemistry

CHEM 1450, 1451

Two semesters of organic chemistry

CHEM 2401, 3411

Two semesters of physics

PHYS 1410, 1420

Two semesters of introductory biology

BIOL 1440, 1441

One semester of zoology

BIOL 3410  Note that Biology majors can use one of the advanced biology courses in place of introduction to zoology.


Two or more advanced biology courses such as anatomy and physiology (BIOL 2405; BIOL 2406 and 2407), physiology (BIOL 4460), microbiology (BIOL 3420), cell biology (BIOL 3402, BIOL 4475) and biochemistry (4320 and 4121) are recommended.


For more information, please see Predental Student Guidelines UCA 2018.