Pre-Veterinary Club

The Pre-Vet Club at UCA is advantageous for all students interested in veterinary medicine.  The club is a member of the American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). This club network provides contact information concerning potential internships, volunteer activities, and employment in the veterinary medicine field.  Each year the admissions directors from neighboring veterinary schools (such as Louisiana State Univ. and Mississippi State Univ.) come as featured speakers to talk about career opportunities and the veterinary medicine admissions process.  Meetings are usually held once a month during X-period in Lewis Science Center.

The Pre-Veterinary Medicine student organization faculty advisor is Dr. Vickie McDonald,, 501-450-5924.

Pre-Vet Club President: Emma Henry,

Pre-Vet Club Webpage:

Education Loans

USDA’s attempt to combat veterinary shortages with an education loan repayment program: