The NSTA chapter has as its goal the promotion of excellence and innovation in teaching science.  The chapter has  the inland whale project, which students have taken to 38 different schools around the state and 2 schools in Texas.  This group works with various schools in judging science fairs and presenting various science programs to science classes in the central Arkansas area.  The chapter has embarked on another outreach project in which they are building two cell structures large enough for students to walk into and see the various structures in the cell.  This newest project will be available to schools in Arkansas.  This program will involve UCA students presenting the program and instructing students on the use of microscopes.

NSTA- Central Arkansas Student Chapter “To promote excellence and innovations in science teaching and learning for all.” This organization is open to education majors elementary through secondary.  The organization is dedicated to improving science education of students in both the elementary and secondary levels.  The Central Arkansas Chapter works in various outreach programs to help improve the quality of science instruction and to promote interest in science education.

For additional information about NSTA contact Mr. Jerry Mimms at jmimms@uca.edu.