Fisheries and Wildlife Society

University of Central Arkansas Student Subunit of the Arkansas Chapter of the American Fisheries Society

The mission of the Subunit is to promote the conservation and preservation of sustainable fisheries and aquatic ecosystems; to scientifically investigate and seek to conserve natural aquatic habitats and the diverse, natural biological communities associated with such habitats for the betterment of the scientific community and the public; and to provide effective, scientifically sound conservation, management, and research advisement, strategies, and techniques for the preservation of Arkansas’ natural and effectively anthropogenically-altered aquatic ecosystems to the scientific community, resource managers, and the public.

(c) The Subunit has the following objectives:

  1. To promote an atmosphere conducive to professional development of students interested in management, research, and restoration of aquatic habitats, at both ecosystem and organismal levels.
  2. To provide opportunities for its members to sufficiently prepare themselves for employment in the diverse fields associated with aquatic ecological research, and further their development as students through higher education and advanced degrees.
  3. To organize and hold social and volunteer functions for the professional and academic benefit of its members and the informational benefit of the public.
  4. To promote good relations with professional fisheries organizations, state and federal aquatic biologists and natural resource agencies, and public organizations involved in fisheries and aquatic natural resource management.
  5. To promote the integrative use of information and outreach to educate and the public, landowners, stakeholders, and interested students about their impacts, efforts, and particular interests in preserving the natural state of Arkansas.