Erin Wiley Ph.D

Assistant Professor

LSC 19

(501) 450-5919


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2013

Started at UCA in 2018

Courses Taught:

General Ecology
Plant Ecophysiology
Advanced Ecology

Research Interests:

Tree ecophysiology, forest ecology, climate change
As a tree ecophysiologist, I am interested in how physiological processes are affected by climate and biotic interactions and how these effects in turn limit growth and cause mortality in trees.  My lab’s research is directed at understanding carbon (C) allocation in trees, with a particular focus on carbohydrate storage.  Carbohydrate storage provides a source of C that can be remobilized for use when photosynthesis can’t meet a tree’s current demands; it therefore can be an important adaptation to cope with stress and disturbance.  Our goal is to gain a better understanding of what controls carbohydrate allocation and remobilization in trees, and how these processes affect tree performance and survival.

Research Webpage:

Selected Publications:

Wiley, E, CM King & SM Landhäusser.  2019.  Identifying the relevant carbohydrate storage pools

available for remobilization in aspen roots. Tree Physiology 39: 1109–1120.

Wiley, E, BJ Rogers, H Griesbauer & SM Landhäusser.  2018. Spruce shows greater sensitivity to recent

warming than Douglas-fir in central British Columbia. Ecosphere 9:e02221.

Wiley, E, BB Casper & BR Helliker.  2017.  Recovery following defoliation involves shifts in allocation

that favor storage and reproduction over radial growth in black oak. Journal of Ecology 105: 412-


Wiley, E, B Rogers, R Hodgkinson & SM Landhäusser.  2016.  Nonstructural carbohydrate dynamics of

lodgepole pine dying from mountain pine beetle attack. New Phytologist 209:550-62.

Wiley, E & BR Helliker.  2012.  A re-evaluation of carbon storage in trees lends greater support for carbon limitation to growth. New Phytologist 195:285-9.