Non-Traditional Freshman

Students are considered a non-traditional freshman if they will be 25 years of age or older for the term for which they are applying.

A non-traditional first-time undergraduate may be unconditionally admitted to UCA if the applicant meets all criteria indicated for traditional freshman students.  However, ACCUPLACER scores may be used in lieu of ACT or SAT scores.  Minimum exam scores include the following:


  • Sentence Skills: 83
  • Reading: 78
  • Elementary Algebra: 77

ACCUPLACER – Next-Generation

  • Writing: 251
  • Reading: 251
  • Quantitative Reasoning, Analysis, & Statistics (QAS): 249

ACT or SAT test scores submitted for admission consideration may not be older than five years. ACCUPLACER scores submitted for non-traditional student admission may not be older than two years.

Applicants who have an ACT test sub-score that is less than 15 or the SAT equivalent in Reading, Mathematics, or English will not be eligible for admission to the university.

Questions?  Contact the Office of Admissions & Enrollment Services at or 1-800-243-8245.