Working with Students

Student Worker Hiring Procedures

Before starting the hiring process for a student worker it is important to discuss with your supervisor any specific needs or expectations for any student workers within your department. You will also need to check your departmental budget for the amount and type of funding your department has, either federal funding, community service federal funding, or institutional funding.

 Hiring new students through the People Admin Applicant Tracking system
Getting Started

Once you have chosen a student:

Check with financial aid for federal work study eligibility.  If the student is not eligible for federal funding, then institutional work study must be used.


Make sure the student has immediate access to all necessary documentation in order to complete the hiring process. 

If a student has another work study job on campus you must verify the amount of award the other job is claiming, and ensure that the total put together for both jobs does not exceed the student’s financial aid award for that semester.

Once the student has been approved, you will receive an email from Human Resources (HR). No student may start before you receive this email.

Start dates may only be the 1st or 16th of each month and allow for at the least one to two weeks for the paperwork to route through the different departments.

Student Worker Information – Human Resources

Payroll forms and instructions for tracking student worker hours can be found at Payroll


The Supervisory Skills Manual contains information that could be helpful to you in welcoming, encouraging, and managing your student worker team.  It is provided as a resource for ideas that might be useful to you throughout the school year.

Suggested trainings:

Complete Step Ahead (student worker training) on the Career Services website and submit certificate to your supervisor student worker training

Service Excellence is an on campus seminar, open to anyone who would like to improve their customer service skills. These seminars are offered twice per year for the entire campus population.

Suggested Events for Students:

Career Services host Career Fairs each year, please encourage students to attend.   Career Fair Schedule

Graduate Assistant Hiring Procedures

It is best to contact the Graduate School with any questions, but here are some links that might be helpful during that process.

Hiring a Graduate Assistant

Graduate School Website

Graduate Assistantship-Student Info

For more information contact the Graduate School office 450-3124.

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