Procurement, Construction, Travel, and Card Services


The function of the Department of Procurement, Construction, Travel, and Card Services is to oversee the purchase (procurement) of all goods and services that are needed for the operation of UCA. UCA staff should always access the the Procurement website through the MyUCA homepage Purchasing tile.

Although it may seem daunting at times, remember that the approval process is in place to prevent theft and fraud; the process also protects the initiator from inadvertently breaking from purchasing policies and laws.

Sign up for: Banner Requisition Training 

The steps in the procurement stream are outlined in the Banner 9 Requisition Training Manual (link below).

A best practice is to attend a training, learn the rules, and refer to the manual.  

Vendor Forms

All requisitions require a vendor to be in the Banner system. If the vendor is not in Banner, choose from the forms below.

Internal Vendor Forms 

Please send all vendor forms to

W-7, W-8, and W-9 

These forms are simply requests for taxpayer identification numbers so that UCA can pay the vendor and report the taxes. 

Form W-7 is required for vendors who have a tax ID number, but do not qualify for a social security number.

Form W-8 is required for vendors who are non-resident aliens or foreign businesses.

Form W-9 is required for businesses and individuals who use a tax ID number or a social security number.

Purchase Justification Form

A Purchase Justification is required to document the necessity of intangible purchases like memberships, or purchases that might be mistaken as personal in nature such as cell phones, laptops, clothing, ink, toner, printers, and promotional items.  A Purchase Justification form (sent via DocuSign) will be used for P-Cards only. Justifications for items ordered on requisitions will be placed in Document Text within the requisition; please remember to uncheck the print box next to the justification text.

Food and Miscellaneous Expense Form

Complete this required Official Functions Food Approval form as a standing justification to purchase food and related items for events pertaining to university business. The form will remain on file until canceled. Make sure new employees creates a new one

Please see the Event Planning tab for room reservation and food ordering guidelines.

Purchase Order Change Order Form

Complete a Purchase Order Change Order form to change quantities ordered, dollar amount of the purchase price, or to cancel a purchase order. It can be accessed through DocuSign. (DocuSign users should follow your training.)

Bank of America Procurement Card (P-Card)

Please refer to the Departmental Credit Cards tab for more information.


It is mandatory as per UCA Board Policy #416 to route all contracts through the office of General Counsel via Purchasing. Allow two weeks for contract approval. Send the Contract Routing and Approval Form along with a copy of the contract. A UCA Rider must be attached to all contracts.

UCA Board Policy #416

Contract Routing Form

 UCA Rider

Ordering Office Supplies

All office supplies must be ordered and paid for through GSS (Government Supply Services) using a p-card. Contact Alex Brown ( 501.852.0728) in the Department of Procurement and Travel Services for information.

Ordering Technology

The UCA Division of Information Technology provides a Technology Purchasing Guide to give university faculty and staff a standardized, comprehensive, and affordable selection of technology offerings. Please refer to this guide and its ordering instructions before preparing a purchase order.

Amazon Business Account

P-card holders purchasing items from Amazon are required to order under UCA’s Amazon business account.  Please contact Alex Brown (, 501.852.0728) for more information and to be registered for an account.

Toshiba Copier Information

UCA has a contract with Standard Business Systems for its campus copiers. A standing purchase order is required at the beginning of every fiscal year for the lease. For further information about service and support for your office’s Toshiba copier please refer to the Extras tab. 

Additional Purchasing Forms

Other UCA purchasing forms (for internal use) can be found under the Purchasing tile on myUCA.

Who to contact for a purchasing question…

General purchasing questions should be sent to; Denise Fowler will answer your question, or she will transfer your question to the correct buyer or supervisor. Visit the Staff page and select any staff member’s name to view their individual job responsibilities.