Travel Information

The UCA Procurement, Construction, Travel and Card Services  website contains the necessary information, forms, and tools needed to assist you with travel planning and travel expense reporting.  All travel requires a Banner travel requisition.

Refer to the the  Procurement and Travel Services

Note from the Travel Office: All travel requisitions should specify the method of payment (reimbursement, travel card, ghost card under document text). Please submit all TR1s electronically to  The department will keep the original documents for 5-7 years.

Travel Cards

Sponsored Travel Card

Please refer to the Departmental Credit Cards tab for more information if someone in your department or office has been issued a Sponsored Travel Card. Also, you may contact Alex Brown (, 852.0728)

Ghost Credit Card

The University Ghost Credit Card will need to be used when making travel reservations (lodging, airfare, or conference registration) if the traveler in your department or office has not been issued a Sponsored Travel Card. Please access the forms and make an appointment through the links below.

Ghost Card Appointments

Please visit Purchasing/Travel in Wingo Hall, 113 to utilize the Ghost Credit Card terminal.

Planning Group Travel

Group travel procedures can vary in different situations, it is recommended that you read the travel manual (see link above) and contact the correct person below before preparing travel for a group. 

Who to Contact

If you have travel questions regarding travel, please contact, Thale Auclair (, 852.0265).

If you need to discuss athletic travel, please contact  Tayler Lovelace (, 852.0249).

Use of Vehicle during Travel

Bus/Shuttle Usage

To reserve a UCA:  Bus/Shuttle Request Form  

The cost to rent a bus is $25.00 per request or $1.50 per mile whichever is greater. If the trip is after 4:30 p.m., Monday-Friday, or on the weekend, the cost is $1.50 per mile or $60.00, whichever is greater. 

Airport Flat Rate: $80.00 one-way or $175.00 round trip

Long Trips: The requestor may be required to provide the driver’s meals and/or hotel accommodations, or if preferred, the driver may reserve his/her room with his/her travel card, and the requestor can reimburse the Physical Plant. Additional costs include, but are not limited to: Meals, Parking Fees, Toll Fees, etc.

Hiring a Driver:

To hire a driver for a non-UCA fleet vehicle (Enterprise Van or larger) the cost is $15.00 per hour on campus and $25.00 per hour for off campus and/or long distance trips.

Please note if you require a vehicle with a wheel chair lift.

Please contact Jenny Chambliss with any questions 852.0135

Enterprise Vehicle Rental

New instructions coming soon

Van Safety Driver’s Course

Required for all drivers of a rented passenger van

  • Must be 25 years or older
  • Must be a paid UCA employee
  • Must have a clean driving record

The course can be found on the universities Vector Training Platform under Transportation.  There are four tests; please turn the certificates into Jonathan Whitworth.