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Employees Leaving the University

Document Retention

Record Retention Board Policy

Academic Record Retention

Administrative Record Retention


Toshiba Copiers

UCA has a copier contract with Standard Business Systems (SBC). To place service requests or to order supplies you may call 501.663.4414 or use the website http://standardbusiness.com/ The Account Executive is Eric Wilkerson.

Toner is included in the copier contract. Staples for the copier must be purchased with a P-Card or purchase order. Contact Standard Business Systems for a price quote before preparing a requisition. When requesting toner or purchasing staples you will need to provide the control number from the blue and silver SBS sticker on the front of your copier. 

UCA has a large contract with Standard Business Systems. It is important to note that the vendor will never call to acquire information about the copier or the toner supply. Any call of this nature should be reported or forwarded to the Purchasing Office. 

Soda and Snack Vending Machines

Cassandra McCuien-Smith (cmccuien@uca.edu) oversees the Pepsi (soda) and snack vending contracts and machines. Follow the information posted on the front of the vending machines to report malfunction issues to her.