General Payroll Forms and Instructions

Semi-Monthly Payroll Schedule (FY 2020)

Garnishments/Wage Withholding Orders


Personnel Action Form (PAF)
How to complete all PAF’s
Job Summary and Salary
How to find your job title and annual salary
Pay Stub and Deduction
How to find your pay stub, wage per hour and personal deductions

Student and Hourly (Extra Help) Payroll

There will be a $25 fee assessed to the department for all time sheets submitted after the due date.

Student & Hourly (Extra Help) Payroll Schedule (FY 2020)

Student Hiring Forms
Hourly Time Sheet (extra-help & student)

Instructions and Training

Student Employment Training
How to complete student worker forms
Employee Time Sheet Entry
How to complete time sheet in MYUCA via Self-Service
Time Sheet Approver
How to approve time sheet in MYUCA via Self-Service

Federal & State Tax Forms

2019 W-4 Form
AR4EC Form

W-2/Electronic W-2

W-2 Replacement Form
W-2 Disclosure Notices/Consent Process
W-2 Process Schedule
W-2 Instructions