Microsoft Campus Agreement

UCA is a participant in the Microsoft Campus agreement program for the Microsoft Office application suite. The agreement provides UCA faculty and staff access to the Microsoft Office application suite. The agreement covers any version of the Office suite.

This agreement allows us to install the Microsoft Office application suite on all UCA owned computers, as well as providing a “work at home’ option that allows University employees to install Microsoft Office on one computer at their home for work purposes. Both the Windows and the Mac version of Microsoft Office are available.

Unfortunately, this contractual agreement does not allow for the installation of Microsoft Office for students on their computers.

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I install the Microsoft Office Suite on my home computer?
The campus agreement includes the “Work at Home” option allowing faculty and staff of UCA to install the Microsoft Office suite at home under the following conditions:

  • Staff and Faculty do not own the license or the media; rather they are authorized to use the software pursuant to the terms and conditions of the license.
  • Software is for work-related purposes at home. You are not licensed to use the software at home for personal purposes.
  • Only the primary user of a work computer may install a work at home copy on a personally owned computer.
  • Each Staff and Faculty has the right to run one copy of the product on a home PC (including laptops).
  • No technical support is provided by Microsoft in association with work at home use.
  • Any software installed at home under the Work at Home agreement must be removed when a Staff or Faculty member’s employment ends, or UCA terminates their agreement with Microsoft.

Here are some items to keep in mind regarding the Work at Home option:

  • Do not call Microsoft for technical support. Campus Agreement does not include technical support.
  • Do not loan or give your friends, relatives or anyone else the media to install on their computer. This is a direct violation of the agreement, and you could be held personally liable.

Microsoft Office suite available for UCA faculty and staff
Microsoft Office 2010
Microsoft Office 2011 for MACs

How can I get Microsoft Office installed on my computer here on campus?

Call the Information Technology Department helpdesk at 450-3107 and a work order will be generated for a technician to come install the product for you. The network version will have to be removed prior to the local installation.

Microsoft Campus Agreement
Use this form to reserve a copy of the Microsoft Office suite.
The Microsoft Office suite is not available for students.