Respondus 4.0

Respondus 4.0 is a tool that allows faculty to easily import exams, that were created with a word processing software, and upload them into their Blackboard Learn courses. It will also import publisher test banks.

Download Respondus 4.0 Software from IST

Respondus Patch

The Respondus patch is only intended for those who already installed Respondus 4.0 (to upgrade from Respondus 3.5 download the full install of Respondus 4.0). You do not have to apply earlier patches before applying the Respondus patch.

Download Respondus Patch from IST

Respondus Features

All Learning Management System “Personalities”

  • Check for Update will now also display “hotfixes” that may apply to only specific users or a single learning management system
  • Import, DOC/DOCX fix for accented characters in Jumbled Sentence and Fill in Multiple Blanks questions
  • Printing, allows printing the answer key as a separate section after all questions

Blackboard Learn Personality

  • Updated authentication support for 9.1 SP 11-12
  • Publishing, fix for special characters in image ALT tags causing errors
  • Publishing & Retrieval, support for question titles in Blackboard SP 8 and higher
  • Retrieval, fix for some Calculated and Essay questions being dropped as invalid

The patch also includes all fixes and enhancements from previous Respondus 4.0 patches, including:

  • All Learning Management System “Personalities” – Word DOCX import, fix for some images importing as solid black or white