Service-Learning Awards

The UCA Service-Learning Program hosts an annual awards reception to recognize outstanding community engagement work by students, faculty, and community partners. Nominations may be submitted at any time for the three student awards, Faculty Practitioner of the Year, or Community Partner of the Year.

Nominations are accepted until April 1st for the academic year.

Award Descriptions

Student Awards

Leadership in Service-Learning: Recipient takes initiative and is committed to the ongoing development of academic service-learning.  The student will be recognized for his or her leadership role in the service-learning portion of the course, level of responsibility to help address the needs of the community, nation and/ or world, and for how well he or she worked with others to achieve common goals.

Recipients: Alexandra Doolittle (2014), Josh McDowell (2015), Madison Sewell (2016), Ethen Cavanaugh (2017), Ben Askew (2018), Carly Williams & Chelsea Iglesia (2019), Sidney Hunt (2020), Sabrina Gonzalez (2021), Kaidan Zheng & Harris Felton (2023)

Spirit of Humanity: Recipient exemplifies a spirit of service and concern for the overall well-being and rights of the individuals served. Student will be recognized for his/her contribution to the betterment of the human condition, his/her engagement as a citizen for the good of the community, nation and/or world, and his/her appreciation of local, national and/or global diversity.

Recipients: Mariama Laouali Balla (2014), Trey Lamberth (2015), Casey Stewart (2016), Garrett McKamie (2017), Brittney Richardson (2019), Grace Zimmerman (2020), Mariandree Ramirez (2021), Heather Amaro (2023)

Exceptional Achievement in Service-Learning: Recipient demonstrates sustained commitment to excellence in service-learning, exhibits dedication to community partners, articulates the importance of service within the context of the academic course, incorporates service-learning experience into personal/professional goals, perspectives, and values; and displays outstanding academic performance related to the service-learning course.

Recipients: Timothy Bullington (2014), Veronica Bausom (2015), Brooke Skinner (2016), Audrey Schucker (2017), Lauren Montgomery (2018), Michalli Tencleve (2019), John Singel (2020), Bo Meyers (2021), Drew Weld, Alyssa Rieman, and Lexi Bratton (2022), Lena Rocole, Brady Bowers, & Claudia Harper (2023)

Peter J. Mehl Faculty Practitioner of the Year

The Peter J. Mehl Service-Learning Faculty Practitioner of the Year is recognized for

  • Meaningful integration of the service experience with course content (structure of the service experience, selection of community partners, use of critical reflection)
  • Consideration of, and ongoing commitment to, the needs of community partner(s)
  • Impact of community partnership(s) at UCA or in the local community
  • Involvement in service-learning activities and active participation on and off campus
  • Fostering reciprocal partnership(s) with community service-learning partner(s)
  • Advocating for service-learning on campus and in one’s department
  • Enhancing higher education’s contribution to the public good

This award is named for Dr. Peter Mehl, UCA’s founding service-learning faculty liaison.

Recipients: Dr. Lorrie George-Paschal (2014), Dr. Amy Hawkins (2015), Dr. Kim Little (2016), Dr. Sherry Skaggs (2017), Dr. LaVona Traywick (2018), Dr. Alejandro González Landeros (2019), Dr. Debra Burris (2020), Ms. Monica Lieblong (2021), Prof. Ashley Phillips (2022), Dr. Adam Frank (2023)

Community Partner of the Year

The Community Partner of the Year award goes to a nonprofit agency that has actively participated in UCA’s service-learning program and has exhibited the following criteria:

  • Ongoing commitment to the academic and personal development of UCA students
  • Collaboration with UCA students and faculty members on service-learning projects
  • Concern for student development and learning outcomes
  • Advocacy for service-learning among other nonprofit agencies and within the community

Recipients: Boys and Girls Club of Faulkner County (2014), Children’s Advocacy Alliance (2015), Faulkner County Juvenile Court (2016), Conway Police Department (2017), Community Connections (2018), Faulkner County Museum (2019), Community Action Program for Central Arkansas (2020), Faulkner County Cooperative Extension Service (2021), Faulkner County Juvenile Court (2022), United Way of Central Arkansas (2023)