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Service-learning courses at UCA will help students

  1. Understand how the discipline can serve the needs of the community
  2. Achieve course objectives
  3. Understand and appreciate local, national, and/or global diversity
  4. Understand their role as engaged and informed citizens
  5. Understand the importance of UCA’s responsibility to help address the needs of the community
  6. Learn to work well with others to achieve common goals

The Service-Learning Program assesses courses at the end of each semester in a number of ways. All faculty assessment data should be delivered to Dr. Lesley Graybeal, Service-Learning Program Coordinator each semester. Thank you for your assistance!

  • Students: Designated service-learning courses have specific service-learning related evaluation questions delivered to students through SmartEvals (linked below for your reference).
  • Faculty: Service-learning faculty are asked to use an appropriate reflection artifact from their service-learning courses and the assessment rubric (below) to assess service-learning outcomes. Faculty are also asked to submit their responses to a short survey at the end of each semester in which they teach a service-learning course.
  • Community Partners: The Service-Learning Program Coordinator will follow up with all community partners at the end of each semester to seek their evaluations of the service-learning program.

Assessment Plan Documents and Forms

Service Learning Assessment Plan

Service-Learning Assessment Rubric

Service-Learning Assessment Rubric Report Submission

Instructions for Using Blackboard Rubrics for Assessment

Service-Learning SmartEvals Questions

Evaluation Forms

End-of-Semester Evaluation for Community Partners

End-of-Semester Evaluation for Faculty