Curricular Examples

Faculty members who are new to service-learning may be interested in viewing some curricular examples from other UCA faculty. For help locating additional examples, please contact us.

Additional curricular examples are available from Campus Compact in their Resources for Faculty.


Pam Ashcraft, Amber Files, & Sheila Stroman Nurse as Educator Poster

Taine Duncan Advocacy Service-Learning

Michael Haddigan Academic Writing & Research Poster

Amy Hawkins Public Relations Presentation

Peter Mehl Contemporary Moral Problems Presentation

Pretrescia Walker Nursing & the Faulkner County Urban Farm Project

Mary Wood UCA’s Feral Cat Population


COMM 1306 Communication and Civic Engagement

HED 2320 Mental Health

HED 4331 Program Planning and Evaluation

HONC 3310 Exercises in Deliberative Democracy and Civic Engagement

HONC 4310 21st Century Democratic Citizenship: An Interdisciplinary Approach

KPED 4371 Fitness for Senior Populations

KPED 4371 Obesity Prevention and Management

LALS 3300 Contemporary Cuba

LLLC 4325/5325 Second Language Acquisition

MAT 5303 Middle School Psychology, Philosophy, and Organization

NURS 4510 Community Health Nursing

NURS 4515 Nursing Leadership and Management

OTHY 6511 Holistic Adults to End of Life

PHIL 2325 Contemporary Moral Problems

PRLS 3305 Public Relations Techniques

PRLS 3310 Writing for Public Relations

PRLS 4305 Public Relations Cases and Campaigns

PTHY 7516 Adult Neurological Rehabilitation

SPAN 2320 Intermediate Spanish III

SPAN 3315 Contemporary Cuba

WRTG 1320 Academic Writing and Research

Projects and Planning Documents

COMM 1300 Use and Abuse of Social Media Project

PRLS 4305 Campaign Proposal Assignment

PSCI 3361 Policy Analysis Memo Project