Faculty Fellows Program

UCA’s Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Program is a campus-wide initiative that includes commitments from the Provost’s Office and the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Academic Leadership. The Faculty Fellows Program provides faculty with an in-depth professional development opportunity to learn how to successfully integrate service into their curricula and ultimately serve as advocates for service-learning at UCA.

What is the Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Institute?

  • UCA’s Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Institute is an intensive teaching institute held during a summer term. It will be similar to a graduate seminar with readings, regular meetings, and work in the community related to service-learning development.
  • The institute is designed to benefit faculty who wish to explore service-learning as a pedagogical tool in an intensive, in-depth manner, with the intent of implementing it into a specific academic course.
  • It is an opportunity for faculty to discuss teaching, learning, and application of service-learning and civic engagement at UCA in an interdisciplinary manner connecting faculty from all colleges on campus.
  • Faculty who participate in the institute receive a stipend of $500.

Be a part of the Faculty Fellows Program!

The application for the 2024 Service-Learning Faculty Fellows Institute will be available on the CETAL website in early spring semester. The 2024 Faculty Fellows Institute will take place during May Intercession (May 13-24).

2013-2014 Inaugural Cohort

  • Candice Barnes, Early Childhood Education
  • Doug Corbitt, Philosophical Studies
  • Sophie Dix, Writing
  • Michael Gallagher, Kinesiology and Physical Education
  • Lorrie George-Paschal, Occupational Therapy
  • Michael Haddigan, Writing
  • Amy Hawkins, Communication
  • Kim Little, History
  • Peter Mehl, Philosophy

2014-2015 Cohort

  • Riva Brown, Communication
  • Sally Entrekin, Biology
  • Tanya Jeffcoat, Philosophy and Religion
  • Michael Rosenow, History
  • Li Zeng, Art
  • Jia Zhu, World Languages

2015-2016 Cohort

  • Katherine Bray, Communication
  • Debra Burris, Physics
  • Sonya Fritz, English
  • Desmond Jones, Sociology
  • Katelyn Knox, French
  • John Saunders, Communication
  • Tucker Staley, Political Science

2016-2017 Cohort

  • Nelle Bedner, Communication
  • Denise Demers, Health Sciences
  • Amber Files, Nursing
  • Adam Frank, Honors
  • TJ Hendrix, Teaching and Learning
  • Mary Pearson, Elementary, Literacy and Special Education
  • Sherry Skaggs, Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology

2017-2018 Cohort

  • Buck Foster, History
  • Staci Fritzges, Communication
  • Kristin Okoli, Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures
  • Pretrescia Walker, Nursing
  • Jeff Whittingham, Teaching and Learning
  • Mary Wood, University College

2018-2019 Cohort

  • Taine Duncan, Philosophy and Religion
  • Annette Gartman, Nursing
  • Carl Olds, Department of Student Transitions
  • Zachary Smith, History
  • Sunny Styles-Foster, Teaching and Learning

2019-2020 Cohort

  • Cristine Busser, Writing
  • Kathryn Carroll, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Clayton Crockett, Philosophy and Religion
  • TK Anderson, Teaching and Learning
  • Monica Lieblong, Family and Consumer Sciences
  • Amanda Martin, Department of Student Transitions
  • Ashley Phillips, Accounting
  • Alana Reid, Spanish

2021-2022 Cohort

  • Eric Bowne, Sociology, Criminology, and Anthropology
  • Alicia Brown, Early Childhood, Literacy, and Special Education
  • Lisa Christman, Department of Student Transitions
  • Jennifer Hawkinson, Music
  • Leah Horton, Schedler Honors College
  • Rebekah Luong, Nutrition and Family Sciences
  • Duston Morris, Health Sciences
  • Krista Peppers, Biology
  • Darshon Reed, Psychology

2022-2023 Cohort

  • Crystal Harris, English
  • Ellen Hostetter, Schedler Honors College
  • Scotty Lewis, Department of Student Transitions
  • Jennifer Parrack, Languages, Linguistics, Literatures and Cultures
  • Erin Shaw, Leadership Studies
  • Sunjung Thao, Communication Sciences and Disorders

2023-2024 Cohort

  • Stephanie Alsbrook, Nutrition and Family Sciences
  • JoAnna Cupp, Nutrition and Family Sciences
  • Carmen Eddington, School of Communication
  • Bailey Fairbanks, Government, Public Service, and International Studies
  • Kisha Hardwick, Government, Public Service, and International Studies
  • Kyle Mattson, School of Communication
  • Ruby Mongno, School of Communication
  • Stefanie Sorbet, Elementary, Literacy, and Special Education
  • Brigid Appiah Otoo, Computer Information Systems and Analytics