“The aim of education is not only to prepare students for productive careers, but also to enable them to live lives of dignity and purpose; not only to generate new knowledge, but to channel that knowledge to humane ends; not merely to study government, but to help shape a citizenry that can promote the public good. Thus, higher education’s vision must be widened if the nation is to be rescued from the problems that threaten to diminish permanently the quality of life.”

-Ernest L. Boyer, in Scholarship Reconsidered, Princeton, NJ: The Carnegie Foundation, 1990.


The University of Central Arkansas aspires to be a premiere learner-focused public comprehensive university, a nationally recognized leader for its continuous record of excellence in undergraduate and graduate education, scholarly and creative endeavors, and engagement with local, national, and global communities.

Mission and Core Values

The University of Central Arkansas, a leader in 21st-century higher education, is committed to excellence through the delivery of outstanding undergraduate and graduate education that remains current and responsive to the diverse needs of those it serves. The university’s faculty and staff promote the intellectual, professional, social, and personal development of its students through innovations in learning, scholarship, and creative endeavors. Students, faculty, and staff partner to create strong engagement with the local, national, and global communities. The University of Central Arkansas dedicates itself to academic vitality, integrity, and diversity.

In carrying out this mission, the university is guided by the following core values:

Intellectual Excellence, Community, Diversity, Integrity

–Adopted by the UCA Board of Trustees, May 6, 2011