Service Learning Advisory Committee


To advise the leaders of the service-learning program; to recommend progressive changes that will advance the service-learning program; to assist with the assessment and evaluation of the service-learning program; to facilitate the implementation of service-learning across the university.


  1. The service-learning faculty liaison, service-learning program coordinator, director of the center for teaching excellence, and provost’s designee are permanent members. The service-learning faculty liaison chairs this committee.
  2. In consultation with the chairs, each academic college dean appoints one faculty member, to include a faculty member from Schedler Honors College and Department of Student Transitions appointed by the dean/director.
  3. Two members will be drawn from the Conway community at large, nominated by themselves or by the committee members and approved by the associate vice-president for outreach and community engagement.
  4. Two student members will be appointed by the SGA.

Except for members of the Conway community and students, who serve one-year terms, members serve staggered three-year terms. Initial appointees will draw for length of term. The service-learning coordinator and the provost’s designee are non-voting members.


Member Term Title/organization
Sherry Skaggs Permanent, chair Service-learning faculty liaison
 Lesley Graybeal Permanent service-learning program coordinator
 Amy Hawkins Permanent Director of the center for teaching excellence
 Kurt Boniecki Permanent Provost’s designee
 Ashley Phillips  2024 COB
Faith Yarberry 2024 CNSM
 Stefanie Sorbet  2026 COE
JoAna Rusche 2025 CAHSS
Sunjung Thao  2025 CHBS
Leah Horton 2026  Schedler Honors College
Vacant 2026 Department of Student Transitions
Jessica Nichols 2024  Community
Lacey Strom 2024  Community
Vacant 2024  Student, SGA Appointment
Vacant 2024   Student, SGA Appointment


monthly on the 2nd Tuesday at x-period.

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Service Learning Advisory Committee Meeting Minutes

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