Recital/Event Program Template

Follow the link below to access the template for student, faculty, and guest recitals.

The Department of Music is happy to offer students and faculty the ability to format your existing event program into our updated program. Students, faculty, and guest artists are responsible for providing all the information about the program- titles, composers, dates, program notes, etc.

Please email a word document file that contains: event name (ex: Bruce D. Bear, Senior Euphonium Recital) event time, event date, event location (if not Snow Fine Arts,) works and movements, composers and dates, biography, and program notes. Any information not provided will not be included in the final draft of the program. The requests must be made at least 7-days prior to the dress rehearsal.

Due to limited resources and student workers, the music office must adhere to our deadline. Thank you for understanding. 

Email Cole Cavanah for any inquiries or questions.

Recital-Event Program Template