Graduate Entrance Exam Study Guide

All graduate diagnostics (theory, aural skills, history, and piano) will be offered in August before the start of the fall semester. Specific dates for these exams and graduate orientation are sent to admitted students in June. The most recent study guides for these diagnostics are below.

Students who pass the respective diagnostics will not need to take a review course for that particular area, and they may go on to the required seminars in their degree program; however, if a student does not pass the diagnostic or elects to not take the diagnostic, the student will need to be enrolled in the respective review class(es). Review classes do not count toward the degree, but they do factor into the overall GPA.

Music Theory Review is offered in the spring semester and Summer I session. Music History Review is offered in the fall semester and in Summer I session. Aural skills and piano review classes are offered based on individual needs.


Graduate Diagnostic Theory & History Study Guide

Graduate Piano Diagnostic Study Guide