Edge Hill University

University Overview

Edge Hill College opened in Liverpool in 1885 as the first non-denominational teacher training college for women. From its origins as a specialist institution with 41 female trainee teachers, Edge Hill University now has 26,000 students on a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs.

Edge Hill boasts a vibrant campus community located in 160 stunning acres near Ormskirk in West Lancashire.

Semester Calendar

Fall:  September – December
Spring:  January – May

Education Abroad Credits

Typically students take the equivalent of 12 to 15 credit hours abroad. Check with our office for more information about your specific options.

Check the partner school’s website for offerings: Edge Hill Course Offerings

Example of Courses offered:

English, Creative Writing, Journalism, FACS, Geology, Linguistics, Psychology, and Film.



See sample coursework below and education abroad credits exchange students earned while abroad.

Edge Hill University (England)  
Host Institution Course Title(s)UCA Course Code(s)UCA Course Title(s)
Storytelling for the ScreenCRWR 3376Screenplay Workshop
Introduction to PoetryCRWR 3325Forms of Poetry
Writing Short StoriesCRWR 3371Fiction Workshop
Writing Short StoriesCRWR 4372Novella Workshop
Poetry & Innovative FormCRWR 4324Topics in Creative Writing
Analysing DiscourseENGL 3312Modern Grammar
ModernismsENGL 4354Modernism
History & Development of EnglishENGL 4360History & Structure of the English Language
Contemporary Issues in Early YearsFACS 2341Lifespan Development
Cinema in Context: 1895-1945FILM 3350Cinema History I
World Cinemas: EuropeHONC 3310Junior Honors Seminar
Cult CinemaFILM 4380Seminar in Film Studies
Practice Skills for Geography and Environmental ScienceGEOG 1400Earth Systems Science
GEOG 4160Special Problems in Geography
An Introduction to Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)LING 3310Issues in ESL
LING 4320Grammatical Structures
Language and GenderLING 4455Special Topics
Biological PsychologyPSYC 4325Physiological Psychology
Psychology of Substance MisusePSYC ____Upper Division Elective (PSYC)
Personality and Individual DifferencesPSYC 4300Theories of Personality
Vulnerability in SocietyHONC 3315Special Topics
Experiential LearningHONC 3310Junior Honors Seminar
N/A (Independent Study)HONC 3310Junior Honors Seminar
Object Oriented ProgrammingHONC 3315Special Topics
Into the World: The Contexts for Writing (Practice)WRTG 4309Introduction into Publishing
Into the World: The Contexts for Writing (Poetics)HONC 3310Honors Seminar
Beyond Books 2CRWR 4324Topics in Creative Writing
Renaissance DramaCRWR 3378Playwriting Workshop
Writing Short StoriesCRWR 4324Topics in Creative Writing
Media and SocietyMCOM 3391Topics in Mass Communication
Production 2JOUR 3305Publication Design & Makeup
Welcome to the Real World: Documentary ProductionJOUR 3373News Documentary Production

Assisting UCA Professor

For Creative Writing: Contact Professor Sandy Longhorn for more information on courses and credits.

Program Costs

Semester Exchange and Direct Enroll placements are available. Contact our office or Financial Aid for details on budgets.

UCA students pay tuition at the partner university for a direct enroll placement. Many scholarships apply. For more information, view the Financial Aid Guide. Students should check with Financial Aid and the Office of Education Abroad for more information regarding the cost of a direct enroll or semester exchange. Students are eligible to apply for the Study Abroad Scholarship.

Application Process

See our Semester Exchange Application page for a step-by-step overview of the application process. Please be sure to turn in all documents before the published deadlines.

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