Financial Aid and Student Charges

Your student will be able to access their charges for tuition/fees and room/board on their myUCA account.   myUCA is the online portal that allows the student to access their UCA academic and financial records.  The student is issued a user id and password when they are admitted and the student uses this information to log into their myUCA account at

For Student Accounts Information (after log in):   Self-Service  l  Student   l   Student Account

For Financial Aid Information (after log in):  Self -Service  l  Financial Aid


When a student is admitted to UCA and enrolls in courses or is assigned campus housing, the charges for these expenses are placed on their Student Account.  In other words, this is the bill they owe UCA. Other charges such as parking fines, library fines, and other charges may also be placed on their account.

Financial Aid

When a student has been awarded financial aid, the funds are posted to their financial aid account.  A student may log into myUCA and see the type and amount of the funds estimated, offered, awarded or paid.  Financial Aid may be used to pay the student’s charges.

What is Excess Aid?

Excess aid is the difference between university charges and the amount of financial aid the student has been awarded.  If the difference is a negative, the student would expect to receive excess aid.  If the difference is a positive the student will need to pay that amount out of pocket.


Tuition/Fees and Room/Board Costs $5,763.79
Total Amount of Financial Aid minus $7,250.00 (Scholarships, Grants, Loans)
Difference ($1,486.21) Amount of Excess Aid Expected

Direct Deposit

We encourage students to sign up for direct deposit for excess aid (if they have any).  By using direct deposit, the funds can be deposited in a bank account within 24-48 hours after being processed by Student Accounts, as well as you don’t have to worry about checks getting lost in the mail, destroyed or stolen. Information and instructions for signing up for direct deposit can be found at


Students may purchase or rent their books from any vendor (bookseller) they choose.  If a student chooses to purchase their books from the UCA Bookstore using the financial aid they are receiving, the following information applies. A student may utilize excess aid to purchase their course related books and supplies prior to the eighth day of classes in the fall or spring term. The amount the student may charge at the UCA Bookstore is $800 or the amount of their calculated excess aid, whichever is less.  If the student chooses to purchase their books at an off campus bookstore, the student must visit with the Student Accounts Office to receive a cash disbursement.