Cost of Attendance

A student’s Cost of Attendance (COA), also referred to as the student’s budget,  is an estimated amount that it will cost to attend school. It is determined using rules established by federal and state laws. This number is used by the school to determine the maximum amount of financial aid (loans, grants, scholarships, fee-waivers, etc.) a student can receive for that award year.

Please note that Cost of Attendance does not represent actual charges on a student’s account. Actual charges may be higher, lower, or absent all-together than those shown on the COA. For instance, a student living off-campus or with parents will still have an estimated room and board allowance in his/her COA, but would not be charged by the University for those items.

You can easily view all of your actual charges by using the myUCA Self-Service portal. Once there, click on Student & Financial Aid, Student Account, and then Account Summary by Term. For any information regarding charges, billing, or payments (including payment plans) contact the Office of Student Accounts at 501-450-5015.

2022/2023 Full Time Undergraduate and Graduate Cost of Attendance

2023/2024 Full Time Undergraduate and Graduate Cost of Attendance