Undergraduate Field & Internship Experiences

Field experiences are designed to deliberately expand and challenge personal and professional attitudes while providing personal and professional growth opportunities for prospective teachers.  Observation and first-hand experience within community agencies and K-12 settings provide prospective teachers with information and tools that complement classroom study and assist in the development of pedagogical skills, knowledge, and dispositions necessary for effective teaching.

UCA Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) are committed to providing teacher education candidates with a wide variety of field-based, diverse, clinical experiences. Clinical experiences are an integral component of the initial education program curriculum. All initial licensure programs acknowledge the critical importance of developing candidate knowledge, skills, and dispositions.

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How to apply?

The application procedure and links are available on the Internship I and Internship II specific pages. Before applying for either Internship I or II, check with your program coordinator for the internship requirements and/or verify requirements on the Office of Candidate Services website.

Field & Internship Experiences
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Master of Arts in Teaching

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