College of Education Leadership

College Administrative Council

The College Administrative Council fulfills an essential role for the College of Education. The council provides vision, direction, and decision making to achieve the college goals and initiatives. The council is committed to creating and supporting within the college a culture of collaboration, responsiveness, transparency, leadership, fiscal responsibility, inclusivity, and innovation.

Dr. Victoria Groves-Scott
College of Education
(501) 450-5402
Dr. Michael Mills
Associate Dean
College of Education
(501) 450-5403
Dr. Gary Bunn
Office of Candidate Services
(501) 450-5057
Dr. Donna Wake
Director of Assessment & Accreditation
College of Education
(501) 450-5403
Ms. Sunny Styles-Foster
Interim Department Chair
Elementary, Literacy, & Special Education
(501) 450-5429
Dr. Louis Nadelson
Department Chair
Leadership Studies
(501) 450-3254
Dr. Debbie Dailey
Department Chair
Teaching & Learning
(501) 852-2965


The College of Education is committed to exploring new technologies to improve student learning and to increase collaboration among students, staff, and faculty.  We have worked to transform our classrooms to become, democratic spaces where students are engaged, empowered, and take ownership of their learning. Supporting this transformation is the Technology Learning Center staffed by two full-time technology specialists.

Technology Learning Center(501) 450-5426
Melissa Earls
Technology Specialist
Technology Learning Center
(501) 852-2694