Dual Licensure: FAQ

Can I participate in the program if I am in a pre-K para position?

In short and with regret, no, due to the program licensure being a Kindergarten-6th Grade Elementary program for licensure.

Is a complete Associate’s Degree required?

In short, no! It is encouraged for candidates from a 2+2 Program to complete all course requirements, but an “official Associate’s Degree” is not required. Good news! Candidates will work with the Transfer Services Department for a transcript analysis service at UCA to determine courses accepted/needed. Feel free to checkout the transfer agreements for each 2+2 program!

Is it required to do both K-12 Special Education AND Kindergarten-6th Grade assessments for licensure?

The courses in this dual-licensure program will meet graduation requirements for a Bachelor’s Degree and prepare candidates for BOTH licensures. Upon completion, candidates will decide which assessments required for SPED and/or K-6 Elementary Education to take based on professional career choice.

Does the ADE & DESE Teacher Apprenticeship Model coordinate with this program?

Those who are currently participating in the DESE apprenticeship program can continue that participation after transferring to UCA. UCA supports the apprenticeship program and will assist students who have the opportunity to participate.

Can a student work as a paraprofessional for internship?

YES! Candidates in this program are required to be employed within a K-12 school in order to engage in teaching and observation activities required for the coursework. Also, more great news- any instructional position (K-6th General Education OR K-12 Special Education) is accepted, not just paraprofessional (ex. tutor, instructional aide, etc).

The clinical internship will be specifically met through a practicum, SPEL 4318 (Internship I), and a full clinical internship experience, SPEL 4605 (Internship II). Both courses are semester long (15 weeks) courses that meet state requirements for appropriate placements. Placements will be in accredited institutions where we have existing partnerships or where the candidate is employed. All existing requirements for placement sites and mentors (e.g., accreditation, TESS appraisal, support, etc.) will be in place for this reconfigured program.

Candidates will be supported by an on-site mentor from the placement site as well as a university supervisor/site coordinator.

Are there other financial resources available?

Eligibility will vary depending on individual situations. Consult with the UCA Financial Aid Office regarding your eligibility. Here are some funding opportunities to check into:

  • Transfer Scholarship (2+2 Program to 4 Year University)
  • The Arkansas Teacher Residency Apprenticeship Program provides on the job training for teacher candidates while they are employed at least 10 hours per week by a school district. The district agrees to employ the apprentice to do student facing work and to provide mentoring support.  Tuition assistance is available for the apprentice through the Arkansas Futures grant if enrolled in a participating 2 year program and then through the Arkansas Division of Career and Technical Education during the junior and senior years.
  • The Aspiring Teacher Permit allows candidates enrolled in their final internship semester to be employed by a school district as a teacher of record in their licensure area.  To be eligible, the candidate must have met all licensing and graduation requirements except the completion of the internship.
  • Arkansas Academic Challenge Scholarship
  • TEACH Grant

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