Practicum Student Position Description – Master’s Level


Counseling Center Practicum Student (10 hours per week)


A current master’s student in the Counseling Psychology or Mental Health Counseling program.


Director of Training


Service Requirements:

  1. Individual Counseling:  Case load of 5 individual and/or couples per week; 1 intake per week
  2. Crisis Intervention:  Serve as on-call person 2-3 hours per week
  3.   Personality Assessment: Administer and interpret personality tests with clients as necessary

Training Requirements:

1.  Supervision: Individual Supervision 1 hour/week

2.  Staffings: Attend/participate in weekly staffing meetings

Administrative Requirements:

1.  Clinical Records: Maintain clinical records in accordance with the Center’s procedures

2.  Evaluation: Complete/submit evaluation forms as assigned (e.g., supervision)

3.  Paperwork: Complete all paperwork including weekly reports

Additional and Optional Opportunities:

  1. Training Seminars: Attend invited training seminars
  2. Research: Read and research the center’s resources and materials
  3. Group Counseling:  Co-Lead a group
  4. Outreach Programming:   Conduct programs/workshops
  5. Training Seminars:  Attend and participate in weekly training seminars