William Taylor



Manion Annex 125

(501) 852-2529

My training is in the area of physical chemistry and instrumentation design. Since joining the chemistry faculty in 1990, I have taught a variety of courses including College Chemistry I and II, Physical Chemistry II, Advanced Analytical Chemistry, and others. My research focuses on the chemistry of gas phase ions with a variety of small molecules. In particular, I am interested in fundamental parameters influencing the product formation in reactions involving the activation of bonds by gas phase metal ions. The essential goal of this work is to gain an understanding of factors influencing reaction outcomes; however, these processes also have potential implications with respect to catalysis.




Syllabi for Courses Taught

Physical Chemistry II: Taylor, CHEM 4460, Spring 2021

Fundamental Chemistry: Taylor, CHEM 1301, Fall 2018

College Chemistry I:  Taylor, CHEM 1450, Fall 2018