Melissa Kelley


Manion 201A

(501) 450-5960

Melissa Kelley is a biochemist in the Department of Chemistry. The classes she teaches include General Chemistry for Health Sciences (CHEM 1402), Intro to Organic and Biochemistry (CHEM 2450), Biochemistry I (CHEM 4320), Biochemistry II (CHEM 4335), and Biochemistry Lab (CHEM 4121). Her research interest is in the field of retinoid metabolism. Vitamin A (retinol) and its analogs, retinoids, are essential for many critical life processes including regulating cellular communication. Abnormal cellular communication culminates in various disease states including cancer, Alzheimers, and rheumatoid arthritis. Retinoid metabolism is an integral part of regulating cellular communication. Although the communication cascades are well defined, the particular molecules responsible for prompting these cascades remains poorly defined. The Kelley laboratory focuses on identifying the biologically active metabolites of retinol that mediate cellular adhesion and proliferation.

More information can be found on Dr. Kelley’s web page.


Syllabi for Courses Taught

Biochemistry I: Kelley, CHEM 4320, Spring 2021

Biochemistry II: Kelley, CHEM 4335, Spring 2020

Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry: Kelley, CHEM 2450, Spring 2020

General Chemistry for the Health Sciences: Kelley, CHEM 1402, Fall 2019

Medicinal Biochemistry: Carter, Isom, Kelley, CHEM 4309, Fall 2018