Marsha Massey

Associate Professor

Manion 203D

(501) 450-5961

Dr. Marsha Massey is an organometallic chemist with particular interest in the areas of alternative energy catalysis and chemical education. Students with interest in working on projects in either (or both!) areas are encouraged to contact Dr. Massey.

Alternative Energy Catalysis: Dr. Massey’s research in this area focuses on designing small molecule catalysts for producing fuels from the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide (CO2). Her approach utilizes molecules containing transition metals (Mn, Ru, Fe) to activate CO2 after applying electricity to the solution. Ideally, this electricity will be sourced from energy harvested from solar panels, thus storing the energy produced from sunlight!

Chemical Education: Dr. Massey welcomes an opportunity to work with students on developing new course materials or programs which can help people learn chemistry. Currently, she is interested in using peer motivation and mentoring to improve student learning at the college level. This includes studying, designing, and conducting supplemental instruction (SI) sessions for students in first- and second-level chemistry courses. Future projects may include:

  • developing educational videos or websites for introducing chemistry to new audiences
  • designing new and fun laboratory modules for UCA and/or high school chemistry classes

For more information, contact Dr. Massey at




Syllabi for Courses Taught

College Chemistry II: Massey, CHEM 1451, Spring 2021

College Chemistry I: Massey, CHEM 1450, Fall 2017

General Chemistry for the Health Sciences: Massey, CHEM 1402,  Fall 2016

Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry: Massey, CHEM 3360, Fall 2019

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry: Massey, CHEM 4380, Spring 2020

Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory: Massey, CHEM 3150, Spring 2020

Journeys to Success: Massey, ACAD 1300, Fall 2019