Faith Yarberry

Sr. Lecturer

Manion Annex 129

(501) 852-2530

Teaching:  I am very interested in the education provided to students taking Chemistry classes.  Courses I teach include – Fundamental Chemistry (CHEM 1301), College Chemistry I (CHEM 1450), College Chemistry II (CHEM 1451), General Chemistry for Health Sciences (CHEM 1402), and Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry (CHEM 2450).


Research:  Work in my lab revolves around Chemical Education, specifically as it applies to Freshman-level and Sophomore-level Chemistry courses.  My group is currently working on a variety of projects related to Chemical Education.

 * Supplemental Instruction:  Students within my group are currently evaluating the impact of supplemental instruction on student success in College Chemistry I, College Chemistry II, Organic Chemistry I, and Organic Chemistry II through funding provided to the ATOM Scholars program by the National Science Foundation.

 * Mentorship Circle:  Students within my group evaluate the impact of establishing a mentorship group consisting of Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior students on the self-efficacy and career preparedness of Chemistry majors.

 * Course Placement:  Students within my group evaluate a variety of information to better identify factors that can lead to student placement in Freshman-level Chemistry classes.  Placement of students in the appropriate course can lead to increased retention and graduation rates.

* K-12 Teacher Support:  Students within this group develop course materials that can be used by K-12 science teachers.  Additionally, they assist in presenting those materials at conferences and workshops.

* Chemistry Course Tools:  Students within my group assist in the development of a variety of course tools for Chemistry classes that can be used in the K-16 classroom.


More information can be found on Dr. Yarberry’s web page.




Syllabi for Courses Taught

Fundamental Chemistry: Yarberry, CHEM 1301, Fall 2019

College Chemistry II: Yarberry, CHEM 1451, Spring 2021

College Chemistry I: Yarberry, CHEM 1450, Spring 2021