Faith Yarberry

Lecturer II

Manion Annex 129

(501) 852-2530

I currently hold the position of Lecturer II in the Department of Chemistry. In this capacity I teach College Chemistry I and II. My area of interest is chemical education. I am interested in developing laboratory exercises and materials to improve success rates in the freshman chemistry courses, and working with secondary educators to improve the preparedness of students entering college chemistry courses. In addition to my work in the field of chemistry, I am advisor for the University of Central Arkansas ACS chapter, and the Resident Master of STEM Residential College at Arkansas Hall.

More information can be found on Dr. Yarberry’s web page.




Syllabi for Courses Taught

Fundamental Chemistry: Yarberry, CHEM 1301, Fall 2019

College Chemistry II: Yarberry, CHEM 1451, Spring 2019

College Chemistry I: Yarberry, CHEM 1450, Fall 2018 MWF
Yarberry, CHEM 1450, Fall 2018 TTH